Bidong Island

Bidong Island have their own historical value. Back to 1978,  about 250,000 Vietnamese had passed through or resided in the camp and the island is belong to Terengganu. Pulau Bidong was put in the spotlight at the height of the post-Vietnam War in the mid to late 1970s as a transit point for refugees who fled the country in the wake of the United States’ withdrawal. Thousands arrived on overloaded dinghy boats and were allowed to stay on Pulau Bidong while they wait to be resettled in a third country. Pulau Bidong is a deserted island, there are no settlers nor any resorts operating here. However, what’s left here are remnants of a hospital, a school, shops and hostel like accommodation for the refugees. 

bidong island

Bidong Island is about 1 square kilometre in area, with huge potential as a recreational and diving site. The average depth of these sites are from 10 to 20 meters with the deepest being the one near Pulau Tengkorak at about 27 meters. 


Boat to Bidong Island

To reach Bidong Island, you can takes a ferry/speedboat from Merang Jetty direct to Bidong Island.  Unfortunately you need to charter a ferry/speedboat to reach Bidong Island. There is no single boat transfer to Bidong Island except in a large capacity of group. To charter a boat you can go maximum up to 12 pax in a boat and you can select any date and time. 

Boat to Bidong island